The easiest Social Media Marketing system for business!

Use Sendipede’s sophisticated listening tools to hear what people are saying about your brand and where they’re saying it.

Reach customers via email, SMS and social media. Update multiple social networks and blogs at once.

Keep track of your brand’s sentiment and how people feel about you across the social web.

Create online marketing campaigns in seconds. Preschedule automated messages for birthdays and other events.

Measure the effectiveness of your social media and email campaigns. Track the success of your marketing efforts.

Geotarget your prospects in Facebook and target specific keywords on the web for pinpoint marketing.

Use Sendipede’s powerful automated marketing tools to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Sell your products and services with trackable links via email and social messaging. Convert followers into buyers with custom autoresponders.

Market your business across a wide array of social networks simultaneously on autopilot.

Take the leg work out of YOUR social marketing!

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